Oh no - exodus into unheard rhythms

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The consensus of modern scholars is that the Bible does not give an accurate account of the origins of Israel. [26] There is no indication that the Israelites ever lived in Ancient Egypt , the Sinai Peninsula shows almost no sign of any occupation for the entire 2nd millennium BCE, and even Kadesh-Barnea , where the Israelites are said to have spent 38 years, was uninhabited prior to the establishment of the Israelite monarchy. [27] Such elements as could be fitted into the 2nd millennium could equally belong to the 1st, and are consistent with a 1st millennium BCE writer trying to set an old story in Egypt. [28] So while a few scholars, notably Kenneth Kitchen and James K. Hoffmeier , continue to discuss the historicity, or at least plausibility, of the story, arguing that the Egyptian records have been lost or suppressed or that the fleeing Israelites left no archaeological trace or that the large numbers are mistranslated, the majority have abandoned the investigation as "a fruitless pursuit". [29] [30]

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At once honoring and eclipsing the showmanship of Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments” (1956), the final hour of “Exodus: Gods and Kings” is a sensationally entertaining yet beautifully modulated stream of visual wonders that make it all but impossible to tear one’s eyes from the screen. In one of his boldest strokes, Scott dramatizes the 10 plagues in a seamless, vividly realistic domino-effect montage — the bloody despoiling of the Nile (which takes a surprising page from “Jaws”) naturally giving way to a proliferation of gnats and frogs, boils and locusts — that truly does seem to capture the intensity of God’s wrath in one furious, unrelenting deluge. In keeping with the momentum established by Billy Rich’s editing and the superb vfx work, this Moses does not return to Ramses day after day with fresh entreaties of “Let my people go,” but instead remains in hiding, watching ambivalently as the Lord does their fighting for them.

21  And the L ord said to Moses , “ When you go back to Egypt , see that you do before Pharaoh all the a miracles that I have put in your power . But b I will harden his heart , so that he will not let the people go . 22  Then you shall say to Pharaoh , ‘ Thus says the L ord , c Israel is my d firstborn son , 23  and I say to you , “ Let my son go that he may serve me . ” If you refuse to let him go , behold , I e will kill your firstborn son . ’ ”

- Speaking of Morlocks, I bet the woman who took Reed's pain away was Annalee from the comics. Annalee was a Morlock who first showed up in  Power Pack   and could project her own emotions onto others. Annalee also really liked having kids, which is why she adopted the  Power Pack   after hers died. That's a little heavy.

Same.. worked on one box a few days ago. Now it either can’t connect or it does but the Smash zip fails to load. I’m guessing it’s just a server issue.. give it time and it seems to resolve itself according to the comments above

Oh No - Exodus Into Unheard RhythmsOh No - Exodus Into Unheard RhythmsOh No - Exodus Into Unheard RhythmsOh No - Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms